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A text editor is very easy to write. No, wait, a text editor is very difficult to write.

When I started work on WorkBase Notes, my original idea was to create a test app I could use for Sync2FoldersCmd and Pro. I wanted multiple tabs, some that could hold text files, and some that could display or explore the file system. I worked to that end for several weeks, but since I have this inability to just create junk apps that are only useful for internal use, and I always try to create "products" that are as refined as my limited programming abilities can make them, I was never satisfied with the file explorer aspects of the app.
So I ditched the file tabs and decided to create a text editor. I have some prior experience since I created REd, or Repository Editor, back in the late 1990s. You've never heard of this app I'm sure. I did release it on Shareware sites and me and others at the software development shop I worked at back then used it, but it was never popular. It was written in C++ and it's big feature was an alternative to the standard Open and S…
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WorkBase Notes Release Status

Help for WorkBase Notes Version 1.0 is now online and I plan on releasing the app this week. It's code and feature complete and it's just a matter of continuing to test for a couple of days in a row without having to change the code. The last thing I want to do is release it and immediately have to put out an update. It may happen anyway, but I'd prefer releasing something that is stable and gives its best first impression.
I use the app daily at work and at home and I'm very happy with it. I think it's a good fit for people who want an app that is streamlined and has a limited but useful feature set. View the online help for more information on its features.

My hope is that I release it on Friday or Saturday, the 10th or 11th.
Regards, Gary Lucero MaxLeafSoft @MLeafSoft

WorkBase Notes - Coming Very Soon

WorkBase Notes is code and feature complete, and testing very nearly done. 
I can't promise it will ship without bugs, but I now use WorkBase Notes at work and at home as my primary text editor. I still use Notepad++ to edit HTML, but as I use WorkBase Notes I not only find bugs and fix them immediately, I also increase my confidence that this is a Notepad replacement worth looking at. 
I realize we all have different requirements for such applications. For some people Notepad is perfect, for others they require an app that provides a different feature set. For me, my requirements are very simple: Good performance - I personally tend to stay away from big apps and UWP apps because they are more sluggish than WinForms apps. I want something that performs well enough that I don't have to wait for it to complete simple tasksBasic features - I don't need a complex feature set for a Notepad replacement because I use it mainly to capture either permanent or temporary notes. These n…

Introducing WorkBase Notes

The Notepad replacement I've written started life as File'n'Folder Exploder, then briefly became FileMind, and is now WorkBase Notes. It provides roughly the same feature set as Notepad but adds some that were stolen from Notepad++ and other Notepad-like apps.

What is missing from WorkBase Notes that you can find in Notepad?

PrintingInsert date/timeA few obscure features
What was stolen from Notepad++?

Multiple tabs The ability to preserve the contents of "New" tabsMenu items to convert text to upper case, lower case, and title case
And what's unique about WorkBase Notes?

Tab reminders - you can set the date and time you want a reminder on, and you'll get a notification that includes the name of the fileThe ability to preserve font size for each individual tab or force all to display at the same size
Those "New" tabs are preserved by storing the contents of the edit box in the WorkBaseNotes.XML file that holds the tab information. This XML file als…

New Windows Utility on MaxLeafSoft Downloads website: How Many Files?

How Many Files? is back and available from the MaxLeafSoft Downloads website.

How Many Files? offers a list of rules that can be easily added and edited and then used to search for matching files. The matching files list can then be exported as a text file to create batch files, comma delimited files, etc., or can be copied or moved to the folder of your choice.

This version of How Many Files? has a couple of new enhancements.

Gary Lucero

New Windows App on MaxLeafSoft Downloads Website: Services Console

I created Services Console 13 years ago and have been using it daily ever since. I finally got around to completing some enhancements and with them in place, I'm releasing it on the MaxLeafSoft Downloads website
Use it to track certain services or to display all Refresh the list of services manually or toggle "Refresh list onceper second"Stop, start, and restart services without all of the annoying messages the built-in Services applet displays

FileMind: Do we need another text editor?

My current project started out as File'n'Folder Exploder and it had a tabbed interface with one of two kinds of tabs:

One where could you edit textOne where you could explore a folder I spent many hours on this, especially on the File Explorer style tab, and in the end it was clear I wasn't going to make a better or even close to as good File Explorer as Microsoft or anyone else. So I ditched that tab and now it's called FileMind and it's JUST a text editor.
First of all, it's yet another Winforms app. It's not UWP or WPF. Second of all, it's not going to have every feature known to mankind. I'm not trying to compete with Notepad++ or any other text editor. I'm just attempting to create a text editor I'll enjoy using. One that I'll actually use.
I tend to exclusively use Notepad++ myself, both at home and at work. But unless I'm editing HTML, it has too many features and I use almost none of them. I would use Notepad that comes with W…