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How Does Sync2Folders Pro "Compare" to Other Apps?

One question that will be asked is, "Why should I bother downloading Sync2Folders Pro?", and that's a great question because really, who wants to mess around with yet another Windows 10 app unless it does something other apps don't do?

I'll just provide you with a few points to consider:

Sync2Folders Pro compares the date/time and versions of files - Sync2Folders Pro doesn't compare the contents of files. It doesn't compare file sizes. It compares the modified date and times of files, and in the case of executable files (those with the extension .EXE or .DLL), it can compare the version info.Sync2Folders Pro doesn't compare file contents - Comparing file contents is very important when comparing source files, for example, and in many other situations. Sync2Folders Pro doesn't compare contents at all, nor can it sync file contents line-by-line, which means if you're looking for an app that can do that, Sync2Folders Pro is not it. Sync2Folders Pr…

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