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Coming soon to File'n'Folder Exploder

I have a new app I plan to release soon. This will come to first and may or may not be released on the Microsoft Store at a later date. It's essentially a tabbed interface where a tab can hold a file's contents or a list of files and folders. It's called File'n'Folder Exploder.

The "Exploder" part of the app name is just a stupid joke. I remember when people often referred to the Windows File Explorer as "File Exploder" so that name came to mind when I conceived of the idea for the app.

The reason I came up with the idea for File'n'Folder Exploder is because I needed a better way to test Sync2Folders Pro and Sync2FoldersCmd. I needed a way to look at file and folder contents easily, and having to use multiple File Explorers and multiple Notepads (or Notepad++ with multiple tabs) isn't easy. With File'n'Folder Exploder I can look at multiple files and folders simultaneously. Easily refresh a tab'…

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