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Sync2Folders Pro Coming Soon

We weren't sure we were going to release Sync2Folders Pro at all, but work has continued and is going extremely well. The comparison/synchronization tool is essentially finished, but help is not yet complete, and we continue to make some tweaks and fixes as we find holes in the design or our implementation.

Sync2Folders Pro sports a completely new code base, with virtually no code reuse from Sync2Folders Lite or any of our other apps. It's designed from the ground up to compare and synchronize files, is customize-able, and has extensive keyboard shortcuts to aid such activities as selecting files, excluding files, or searching for files based on comparison status.

The help for Sync2Folders Pro should show be available on this website soon, and the app itself will follow on the Microsoft Store shortly thereafter. We'll also release a command-line version of the tool and other utilities on

We're excited for you to check out Sync2Folders Pro in the coming days…

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