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Tools & Utilities on Windows 10

Tools/utilities aren't always glamorous or fun, but they should be useful. We at MaxLeafSoft create utilities because we encounter a problem we think we know how to solve, so we attempt to do just that. Sometimes the problem is trivial: Copy a file from point A to B, delete an empty folder, or create a shortcut. And sometimes it's complex or confusing: Sync files and folders, or execute T-SQL against a database.

Regardless of the size of the problem, we attempt to solve it. Sometimes we do what we think is a good job, and sometimes we fail. When we succeed, we have a new tool to add to our toolbox. When we fail, we hopefully have still learned something. When we come up with an app that's useful, we share it with you via the Microsoft Store.

Why the Microsoft Store? Yes, it's a hated place for good and bad reasons. There's good reasons to mistrust it because it was meant in many ways to replace the desktop apps we download from various websites, and give us a safe…

What is Empty Folder Manager?

We released Empty Folder Manager to the Microsoft Store. It's a simple utility that searches for empty folders and lets you delete them. There's not much else to the app, although an update should be available in a day or two that includes an Errors list and adds a few other minor enhancements.

Please give Empty Folder Manager and our other apps a try! They are all free utilities.

Gary Lucero

What is Sync2Folders Lite?

The story of Sync2Folders Lite is longer than what I'll tell here. It started with an in-tray application, the same one where Version Explorer got its start, and eventually evolved into a completely differently tray app named Sync2Folders Tray. That app isn't on the Microsoft Store and may never be, but as the code that performs the actually file comparison and copying evolved, I needed a quick way to test it, which spawned the little Sync2Folders Lite app.

The idea is, you want to synchronize files between two folders, but you don't want to use a complex tool that forces you to learn archaic features to get the job done. You want something simple, because you know what you want to do with your files and you just want to see it happen.

So with Sync2Folders Lite you supply the Source and Destination Folders, select which files you want to copy by providing a File Specification, select a Sync Method, and then click Sync. The program does the rest.

Note that the in-app sync m…

SQL Server DB Queries - App Crashes and More Usage Information

As we just posted on Twitter, there's a new version of SQL Server DB Queries that should appear on the Microsoft Store shortly. It turns out our code wasn't handling an exception that could occur while it was backing up the SQLServerDBQueries.xml file, which it always does before saving the current set of queries. This unhandled exception would result in an app crash.

App Help
Since SQL Server DB Queries doesn't include in-app help, I want to provide some info here.

Where's the XML file?
First of all, the application stores its XML file in the user's Documents folder, in a sub-folder named "SQLServerDBQueriesItems". You'll normally see two files in this folder:


When you close the application, if there's an existing SQLServerDBQueryItems.xml file, it's copied and the .bak extension is added. Then the current items are saved to the SQLServerDBQueryItems.xml file.

The SQL Server DB Queries U…

What is SQL Server DB Queries?

The standard for SQL Server management is to use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It provides a host of options, but one of its main uses is to run queries against a database to perform inserts, updates, deletes, selects, and more. It works wonderfully, but it is a big application, one that you have to download and install nowadays, and it can take a couple of minutes to start and log into it.

But managing queries in SSMS is a hassle, and I often perform the same sorts of queries on a daily basis. One option is to create a text file with all of the queries and then load that in SSMS and select the query you want, run it, just keep SSMS running with that file loaded and use it as needed. But if you need to run it on one virtual machine, then another; it becomes a big pain. And maintaining a bunch of files of queries is even more of a pain.

Which is why I created SQL Server DB Queries. It's a lightweight SQL query tool that doesn't offer Intellisense, and doesn't provid…

What is Version Explorer?

In my job I install server and/or client software on many different virtual machines. The server VMs are running Windows Serverand usually have IIS and SQL Server installed. The client VMs have Windows 10 and one or more browsers plus application software. It's important to know at a glance the version of not only the OS, IIS, and SQL Server, but of other components and of the software I'm testing. In order to accomplish this, I created the app Version Explorer.

Initially this was a part of a tray application I developed, and as such it was a big, hard coded series of calls to methods that pulled data out of the Windows registry, from executable files, and from SQL. It wasn't customizable, though, so I had to start from scratch and do it right. So I created a framework that allows me to decide what I want to see.

The core concept is one of the version collector, which is simply an entry that points to an executable file, to a registry key and value, or to the results from…

Welcome to MaxLeafSoft

About MaxLeafSoft 
MaxLeafSoft is a small software development company that creates useful tools and utilities for Windows 10. We're in the process of rolling out our first tool, Version Explorer, with more planned in the near future. These are tools we write for ourselves, that we use extensively ourselves, and we wish to share with the rest of the Windows 10 community.

About Our Software
MaxLeafSoft utilities can be found on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store. They are currently free, although we reserve the right to release premium, priced apps in the future. That may not happen, but then again, it might.

About Version Explorer
Version Explorer provides a simple, easy-to-use user interface for the purpose of gathering information from executable files, the Windows registry, and SQL Server. This allows users to display everything from the IP address and name of their computer to version numbers of key Windows components, and any other information that is possible to extract using t…

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MaxLeafSoft and its applications never store your personal data.