What is Copy Jobs?

Copy Jobs - And yes, you DO need another app that copies files.

Copy Jobs doesn't synchronize files and folders like Sync2Folders Lite, and it's not a mini-File Explorer sort of app like File Copiest. Its job is simply to copy files from Source to Destination without comparison or any other judgement of the files. And it uses the concept of Jobs, which are profiles stored in an XML file. So you can define one or more jobs, each with different settings, and save them so you can recall them later.

The user interface is Pretty Simple

New Job - Clears the fields so you can create a new job
Save Job - Saves the current job. If it's an existing job, it updates it, including renaming the job name itself
Delete Job - Deletes the current job
About... - Displays version, copyright, support, and licensing info for the app
Help... - Displays basic help
Copy Files... - Performs the file copy operation

And as far as the fields go, Jobs is where the job profile name goes, Source is the source folder, Destination the destination folder, File Spec is the wildcard is you want to use, and if "Copy all files to the root of the destination folder" is checked, then the folder structure of the source is not recreated in the destination folder. Instead, the files from the source folder and its sub-folders are all copied to the root of the destination folder.

For example, if this is the source folder structure:

Example Source Folder

If you checked "Copy all files to the root of the destination folder" and clicked Copy Files, all five files would copy to the root of destination, resulting in:

Example Destination Folder


That's a quick look at Copy Jobs. It's a simple program, but very useful if you find yourself copying the same files from one location to another over and over again, which I often do.

Gary Lucero