What is SQL Server DB Queries?

SQL Server DB Queries
The standard for SQL Server management is to use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It provides a host of options, but one of its main uses is to run queries against a database to perform inserts, updates, deletes, selects, and more. It works wonderfully, but it is a big application, one that you have to download and install nowadays, and it can take a couple of minutes to start and log into it.

But managing queries in SSMS is a hassle, and I often perform the same sorts of queries on a daily basis. One option is to create a text file with all of the queries and then load that in SSMS and select the query you want, run it, just keep SSMS running with that file loaded and use it as needed. But if you need to run it on one virtual machine, then another; it becomes a big pain. And maintaining a bunch of files of queries is even more of a pain.

Which is why I created SQL Server DB Queries. It's a lightweight SQL query tool that doesn't offer Intellisense, and doesn't provide any tools beyond a text box for your query, a status line for number of rows returned, and a grid of results. And that's it, beyond the ability to save the queries to a single XML file, and then quickly load, edit, and execute them.

It does have some limitations. You connect it to a single server, using either a username and password or Windows authentication, unlike SSMS which can connect to multiple servers, allowing management of SQL Server across an enterprise. It stores passwords in plain text in the app config file, which I know is a big no-no, which is why I recommend Windows authentication.

So SQL Server DB Queries is limited, but it's also useful. It's lightweight, it provides a quick and easy way to maintain a list of queries, and it works.

Gary Lucero