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Update to Empty Folder Manager fixes issue with unresponsive cancellation

An update to Empty Folder Manager is on its way. It fixes the problem where clicking Cancel wouldn't actually cancel an empty folder search or request to delete empty folders.

The problem came about because the check for cancellation only occurred if the current folder was empty. If you mostly have folders with files, cancel wasn't going to work. Now the check occurs regardless of whether the current folder has files or not.

Check the Microsoft App Store for the latest release of EmptyFolderManager:

Gary Lucero

Updates to SQL Server DB Queries and EditFileDateTime

Hello. We've recently been quiet but we've also been heads down on two apps that we hope to release soon. We do have some news, though, since we've pushed out updates for two MaxLeafSoft apps and those updates should be available in the next twenty-four hours or so:

SQL Server DB Queries - It came to our attention the grid wasn't always clearing correctly so we added code to clear it completely before populating it when a query executes. It's also now cleared when you create a new query or delete one.EditFileDateTime - This app had several issues with thread safety and that is undoubtedly why it's been crashing for some people. We apologize for the shoddy workmanship and hope the new version works more smoothly for you all. Any questions, comments, or complaints, please leave a comment here or e-mail us at
Regards, Gary Lucero MaxLeafSoft