Sync2Folders Lite Version 2.0

New menu, new exclusions, new report, and lots more!

What's Changed

We're currently putting the finishing touches on Sync2Folders Lite v2.0, testing and fixing things as needed. This release sees a number of new features:

  • Exclude files and folders by name or with a regular expression
  • Compare files without synchronizing
  • Save and load profiles
  • Toggle log messages on and off
  • Logging is now more verbose
  • Post sync or compare report to display file counts
  • Save log file to disk
  • Load the last profile used automatically (can be toggled off)
  • In-app help
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes


With these changes it's possible to customize a profile, save it, and then next time you need to use it, you can load it and it preserves:
  • Source Folder
  • Destination Folder
  • File Specification
  • Sync Method
  • Excluded Files and Folders

File and Folder Exclusions

When excluding files and folders, they are added by the filename or folder name. For example, you can exclude the folder "temp" but you can't exclude the path "C:\temp". All files and folders with the matching name are excluded.

When excluding using regular expressions, though, you're free to use a valid regular expression. "C:\\temp" would make "C:\temp", for example, but using using a regular expression like "(([a-z]|[A-Z]):\\)(.*)(temp?)" would exclude "C:\temp" and "C:\Windows\temp". 

Warning: Regular expressions are complex and I'm definitely not a master of them, so if you looked at my example and thought, "What the heck!", I apologize. It will catch the two examples I gave, but I'm not saying it's the expression you should use.

Compare Without Syncing

When you use the new Compare Source and Destination sync method, you can compare the source and destination folders without actually copying of deleting files. This new sync method respects the File Spec and Exclusions in use, and provides robust logging and a post-comparison report to help you understand how the folders compare.

Post Sync or Comparison Report

After perform a synchronization or comparison operation, a report is displayed and shows the file counts involved. This report is based on the current log contents.

Comparison Report Showing How Many New, Newer, Missing, Same, Etc., Files
Synchronization Report Showing Files Copied, Deleted, Skipped, Same, Etc.

And Other New Features Too

Sync2Folders Lite profiles can be saved and loaded to disk, logging is much more verbose and can be saved to disk as a text file, there's in-app help, and more.


Sync2Folders Lite v2.0 should be available very soon.

Gary Lucero


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