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UPDATE: EmptyFolderManager has been updated (was EmptyFolderManager is Leaving the Microsoft Store)

We've uploaded EmptyFolderManager to the store again. It no longer lets you delete selected folders. You can still use search filters and exclusions, though, and only those files that match the search criteria is deleted.

The new version should be available in the store in the next day or two.

Previous Post:

A while back we "improved" EmptyFolderManager, but in the process, we broke it. Now, when you select folders from the list and attempt to delete them, nothing happens. This is the case because we hastily made these improvements without thinking them through or thoroughly testing them.

EmptyFolderManager is leaving the Microsoft Store until we can get it working correctly.

Gary Lucero

The Future of MaxLeafSoft

I am an old fart that's been working with DOS and Windows since the early 90s and I personally don't care for UWP. It's fine but it doesn't seem as performant as WinForms.

I personally don't see the reason to compete with Apple to try to make Windows look like OSX. I've never been a fan of the Mac OS and one thing I've always liked about Windows is it never fooled around with being beautiful. It just was.
With UWP it feels like Microsoft is emulating Apple, though, and people seem to be happy to go along with it. That's fine, and it's not like I'm not going to use an app because it's UWP but by the same token, sometimes UWP apps are very pokey.
I was glad to see Microsoft add support for bringing desktop apps to the app store, and I was excited to convert my own WinForm apps for the store. But it's hard to compete with UWP apps in this day and age. 
Which brings me to my point. I've removed some of the apps we've had on the store…

The Least Popular MaxLeafSoft apps are leaving the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store has been tough to crack. We've released about 10 apps and most have seen few downloads. We've decided to drop those with the fewest downloads and focus on the apps people are using. The following apps are leaving the Microsoft Store:

CopyJobsFile CopiestShortcut CreatorHow Many FilesEditFileDateTime Regards, Gary Lucero MaxLeafSoft

SQL Server DB Queries update uploaded to Microsoft Store

We just pushed a new update for SQL Server DB Queries to the Microsoft Store. This one has a single change: The current query folder is now displayed above the text box:

The new version should be available from the store today (Friday) or early next week.

Gary Lucero

UPDATED! - Empty Folder Manager Version 1.2 Coming Soon

User Lars requested some changes to Empty Folder Manager (thank you Lars!) and Version 1.2 has been submitted to the Microsoft Store and should be available in the next day or two.
New Features include:The Empty Folders list box allows multi-select, so you can select and delete as many folders as you want. You no longer have to settle for deleting all of them!Search Filter lets you enter a partial or complete folder or path name and just find folders that match what's entered.Search Exclusions lets you enter a comma separated list of partial or complete folder or path names to exclude from the results. Note: Delete no longer runs in a thread so it can't be canceled, but it does now prompt before beginning the process.
How to use Search Filter and Search Exclusions:Search Filter restricts the search results. If only want to see empty folders with "temp" in the name, set it to "temp". If you want to see all the empty folders with the partial path "some f…