UPDATED! - Empty Folder Manager Version 1.2 Coming Soon

User Lars requested some changes to Empty Folder Manager (thank you Lars!) and Version 1.2 has been submitted to the Microsoft Store and should be available in the next day or two.

New Features include:

  • The Empty Folders list box allows multi-select, so you can select and delete as many folders as you want. You no longer have to settle for deleting all of them!
  • Search Filter lets you enter a partial or complete folder or path name and just find folders that match what's entered.
  • Search Exclusions lets you enter a comma separated list of partial or complete folder or path names to exclude from the results.
Note: Delete no longer runs in a thread so it can't be canceled, but it does now prompt before beginning the process.

The Empty Folders list now allows multi-select, so you can delete one or more folder at a time. Plus, now you can search for or excluded paths and folders!

How to use Search Filter and Search Exclusions:

Search Filter restricts the search results. If only want to see empty folders with "temp" in the name, set it to "temp". If you want to see all the empty folders with the partial path "some folder\some sub-folder" then use that as your search filter.

Search Exclusions restricts the list even more by omitting paths and folders based on the comma separated list you use. To never see "my special folder" and "C:\windows", set the search exclusions to "my special folder, c:\windows".

Note: Search Filter and Search Exclusions are case insensitive, so you don't have to worry about using the specific upper or lower case letters to match paths or folders.