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MaxLeafSoft Documentation Has Moved

As of today, all online documentation for MaxLeafSoft apps has moved to Github Pages. is hosted on Google's platform, and while it's not a bad place to keep a blog, it just doesn't lend itself well to displaying clear, easy to read documentation. will continue to be updated with news, announcements, and programming info.

Github Pages takes considerably more effort as I'm having to learn markup vs. using a WYSIWYG HTML editor, but the flexibility allows me better control over the content. I have been tweaking the Sync2Folders Pro help, for example, and while I'm sure it will take some more effort to get it just right, it's already looking much better than it ever did on the website.

For now the Sync2Folders Pro post will redirect to the new location, but in a future update to Sync2Folders Pro, the Help menu item will go directly there.

I wish you all a great 2020!

Gary Lucero


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