Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.1 Submitted to Microsoft Store

Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.1 has been submitted to the Microsoft Store. Since we're in the middle of the holidays I could imagine it taking several days to a week before it's certified and available.

Here is the full change list:

Bug Fixes:

-The exclusion indicator was not updating after using Profiles > Manage Exclusions
-Sometimes the File Operations menu items did not enable/disable correctly when the file comparison list was empty


-Added Profile > Rename to rename the currently loaded profile
-Added Profile > Delete to delete the currently loaded profile
-Added File Operations > Delete Source and Destination Files to delete both the source and the destination file in one file operation
-Added new category, "File Operation for Matching", to Manage Sync Method form. This allows files to be copied or deleted when their comparison status is matching
-Added new file operation, "Delete both files", to Manage Sync Method form. This allows the source and destination files to both be deleted at the same time. This is available for comparison statuses of Newer, Older, and Matching
-Added Edit button to each tab of the Manage Excluded form to edit the currently selected item
-Added Options > Manage Third Party Apps to manage one or more third party applications to launch from Sync2Folders Pro. This replaces the previous Options > Configure External Application Support. Now, instead of storing a single app and its command-line parameters in the config file, multiple are maintained in a new file, ThirdPartyApps.xml, found in the "Sync2FoldersPro" folder in "C:\Users\[username]\Documents"
-Now parameters for command-line options for third party apps can be typed in or added by selecting parameters from the Parameters list
-Added new option, "Display completed messages", which defaults to ON, but when OFF, suppresses messages normally displayed when comparison results complete or a synchronization completes using a file operation or sync method


-Renamed Profiles menu to simply "Profile"
-Moved confirmation options into the Display grouping in the Sync2Folders Pro Options form and removed the Confirmations grouping entirely
-Widened the Manage Excluded form
-Previously, the Delete button in the Manage Excluded form did not disable when there wasn't a selection. Now it does
-Added restrictions to which characters can be used in profile names

Please note that all files are fully compatible with Sync2Folders Pro and Sync2FoldersCmd 1.0 and 1.1 .

Gary Lucero