Sync2Folders Pro vs. Lite

Sync2Folders started out as a tray-based app that synchronized on a timer. Every XX minutes it would sync files from the source, which was always a folder on my work laptop, to a virtual machine. This kept my VMs up-to-date with the latest utilities and supporting files. That original version of Sync2Folders worked fine for one way synchronization, but it didn't do bi-directional syncing at all.

I created Sync2Folders Lite next. This was an experiment to see if that same technology could do bi-directional syncing. And it worked pretty well. But when I updated the tray-based app to use the latest version of the syncing library, it didn't work quite as well. I never really looked into the reasons why.

Which spawned Sync2Folders Pro. Whereas Lite was built upon the same technology as the original version, Pro is an all new design. It is built for one thing and one thing only: To be the best comparison and synchronization app it could possibly be. It was created with bi-directional syncing in mind.

Sync2Folders Lite doesn't save the state of each file. It doesn't matter if you're just comparing the files or if you're syncing them, it goes through the same exact process of touching every single file in the source and destination folders to do its job.

Pro on the other hand compares the files and remembers the state of each. If you then ask it to copy or delete a single file, it doesn't then have to touch them all in order to do it. It can operate on files without having to consult the disk to see what the file's state might be.

This shift in technology not only speeds up the app considerably but it also makes it so much more versatile. It lets you the user decide how to sync files, and doesn't force you to wait while the app figures out what it needs to do.

Gary Lucero