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Sync2FoldersCmd Version 1.25 Now Available

Sync2FoldersCmd Version 1.25 is now available for download from the MaxLeafSoft Downloads website. The version supports the profiles, sync methods, and options file from all versions of Sync2Folders Pro as well as ad hoc command-line options. Ad hoc command-line mode doesn't rely on any files from Sync2Folders Pro, allowing use without installing the Microsoft Store app.

Gary Lucero

Update to StartFindPosAppWin on MaxLeafSoft Download Website

StartFindPosAppWin Version 1.01 is now available from the MaxLeafSoft Downloads site. This console (command-line) utility is used to start and/or position and size an application window. Version 1.0 had a bug that prevented the app from positioning or sizing the app window after starting it. This is resolved in Version 1.01.

Gary Lucero

Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.25 available from the Microsoft Store


Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.25 is now available from the Microsoft Store. Please note that an update has just been submitted as well, and should be available in a day or two. It displays as Version 1.26 in the About box. This update has a minor change that only has to do with how the options settings are upgraded from one version of the app to another.

Gary Lucero


I wanted to provide an update on Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.25. I've completed updates to the online help file, which is live, and I've submitted the app to the Microsoft Store. I completed final testing and although I found a few small issues, they were minor and have been fixed.

Now that I've submitted Sync2Folders Pro to the Microsoft Store, I'll complete testing on Sync2FoldersCmd Version 1.25. It has its own specific requirements because I've added ad hoc command-line options (meaning it can work without requiring any files from Sync2Folders Pro), whi…

Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 is Available now from the Microsoft Store

Update: Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 is now available from the Microsoft Store.
I plan to submit Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 to the Microsoft Store later today. If all goes well it should be available by the end of the week. Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 has a few significant changes but also has numerous bug fixes and changes that round out its feature set, improve app performance, and also increases reliability.

The big changes include:

Perform Comparison and Synchronization Automatically - In previous versions of Sync2Folders Pro, the Sync Methods menu items were unavailable until after a comparison had been completed. In Version 1.2, a sync method can be selected immediately after loading the profile, which then displays a prompt asking if the profile should be compared and the synchronization automatically completed. This streamlines the process of syncing files when you know beforehand what it is you want to do.Revisioning - Revisioning is the process of backing up des…

New Utilities from MaxLeafSoft!

Several new utilities are available from the MaxLeafSoft utility download website:

Get File Version - Windows utility to get the version of an executable file. Takes filename on the command-line but also allows to browse for it.

text_2_clip - Console (command-line) utility to convert the clipboard or a file’s text to plaintext.

StartFindPosAppWin - Console (command-line) utility to start and/or position and size an application window.

SearchReplaceTextInFilesCmd - Console (command-line) utility to search and replace strings within a text file.

Gary Lucero