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Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 is Available now from the Microsoft Store


Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 is now available from the Microsoft Store.


I plan to submit Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 to the Microsoft Store later today. If all goes well it should be available by the end of the week. Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.2 has a few significant changes but also has numerous bug fixes and changes that round out its feature set, improve app performance, and also increases reliability.

The big changes include:

  • Perform Comparison and Synchronization Automatically - In previous versions of Sync2Folders Pro, the Sync Methods menu items were unavailable until after a comparison had been completed. In Version 1.2, a sync method can be selected immediately after loading the profile, which then displays a prompt asking if the profile should be compared and the synchronization automatically completed. This streamlines the process of syncing files when you know beforehand what it is you want to do.
  • Revisioning - Revisioning is the process of backing up destination files before attempting to overwrite or delete them. This provides backups, or revisions, to compare to or restore at a later date. The number of available revisions is displayed in the Revisions column, and are easily accessed through the context menu's Manage Revisions menu item.
  • Load and Manage Form - The Profile menu's "Load" menu item has been renamed to "Load and Manage". Selecting this menu item displays the Load and Manage Profiles form, which displays all profiles, with their full details, and provides the tools to not only load profiles but to also rename, copy, delete them.
  • Completion Messages Include File Counts - The completion messages that optionally display when a file comparison or file synchronization completes now include file counts, which provide immediate feedback to the state of the source and destination folders and their files.
The updated help with a full change log is available here.

This update took longer I intended, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't rushed out the door with stupid bugs like I unfortunately released in Version 1.1. This will likely be the last major update for a while for a few reasons:
  1. It has all of the features I personally want, it's the app I wanted and needed, and I use it daily on home and work computers
  2. Very few people are downloading Sync2Folders Pro and there's no one clamoring for new features, improvements, or bug fixes
  3. I want to focus on supporting Sync2Folders Pro with fixes and small improvements as necessary
Please let me know what you think about Sync2Folders Pro. If it's not the app you need, tell me why. If you like it but can't/won't use it for a specific reason, please let me know. If you like and use it, I want to know what it is you like about it.

You can e-mail me at

Gary Lucero


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