Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.25 coming soon

Development is nearly complete on Sync2Folders Pro Version 1.25 and it will be submitted to the Microsoft Store  soon.  This releases major feature is Move. By "move" I mean two new file operations:
  • Move Source File to Destination
  • Move Destination File to Source
These are exposed in the Manage Sync Method form as "Move to destination" and "Move to source":

Sync2FoldersCmd will of course be updated to support these new sync methods.

Also, there's a new context menu item, "Explore Sync2Folders Pro's Logs Folder". When used it opens File Explorer to the "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sync2FoldersPro\Logs" folder.

Additionally Sync2FoldersCmd is getting an ad hoc command-line mode.Ad hoc mode doesn’t require Sync2Folders Pro files at all. All profile settings and options can be passed on the command-line.