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FileMind: Do we need another text editor?

My current project started out as File'n'Folder Exploder and it had a tabbed interface with one of two kinds of tabs:

  1. One where could you edit text
  2. One where you could explore a folder
I spent many hours on this, especially on the File Explorer style tab, and in the end it was clear I wasn't going to make a better or even close to as good File Explorer as Microsoft or anyone else. So I ditched that tab and now it's called FileMind and it's JUST a text editor.

First of all, it's yet another Winforms app. It's not UWP or WPF. Second of all, it's not going to have every feature known to mankind. I'm not trying to compete with Notepad++ or any other text editor. I'm just attempting to create a text editor I'll enjoy using. One that I'll actually use.

I tend to exclusively use Notepad++ myself, both at home and at work. But unless I'm editing HTML, it has too many features and I use almost none of them. I would use Notepad that comes with Windows 10 except that it doesn't offer a tabbed interface. I also like the fact that I can create empty tabs in Notepad++, add text to them, close the app, and when I start it next time, it remembers what I'd typed. I use that feature all the time.

And that's one of the features FileMind will have. It's other claim to fame will be reminders for tabs (for files, IOW). I use Notepad++ to remind me to do things, for example, but unless I switch to the tab with the note, I never get reminded! With FileMind a notification will display reminding you to switch to the tab and look at your note!

Otherwise FileMind will basically be Notepad with a tabbed interface. 

I am actively working on FileMind and hope to release a Beta to the MaxLeafSoft Download site in the next month or so. 

Gary Lucero


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