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Fixing Bugs in Store Apps

One of the hurdles for me in releasing my Win32 desktop apps on the Microsoft Store is understanding how they'll work differently as UWP apps. I'm used to saving XML files in the same folder as the executable, for example, and while I didn't think I could continue doing that, I tried it with SQL Server DB Queries and it caused the application to crash.

Initially I wasn't sure how to track down the issue. I finally figured out how to sideload my applications, but it isn't well explained by Microsoft or even by developers on Stack Overflow. And once I did that, I found the bugs that were causing crashes and I fixed them. The updated version of SQL Server DB Queries is now on the Microsoft Store.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't spend enough time researching how UWP works, but I'm not a full-time software developer. I'm a software tester who happens to have been developing apps since the mid-1990s. I know C++, Java, Objective C, and C#, and I spend a lot of time writing and maintaining a number of C# apps. The thing is, I would much rather spend time with my family, watch British or Swedish mysteries, or play video games.

In other words, this is a part-time gig. But it is a gig I take seriously, and I plan to put in the time to make sure MaxLeafSoft apps are worth your time as well as mine.

Gary Lucero

Max was one serious dog! RIP, my boy!


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