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How to re-download your trusted certificate for Microsoft store apps

I've owned a Surface Pro 6 for about a year now and while I love it, I'm almost 60 years old and my eyes don't work that well anymore, and since it's screen is relatively small, I find it hard to use. Which means I normally connect it to a 27" 1080P monitor to use it.

I also have a Surface Go, which I really like because it's small and light. I don't usually connect it to a monitor because it works sufficiently well in cramped spaces when I need access to the full Windows 10 experience.

I recently sold my Surface Pro 6 and ordered a desktop computer instead. After wiping the drive of the Surface Pro 6 and shipping if off, I decided to use my Surface Go in its place while I wait for the new computer to arrive. The Go is substantially slower than the Pro, but works fine for what I need to do. The one problem I did encounter, though, is I couldn't find my MaxLeafSoft trusted certificate, which means I'm unable to publish apps!

Looking online for how to recover my trusted certificate was fruitless. In the end I did the following, which returned the certificate to my local store. I assume Visual Studio was able to download it from my partner account:

  1. Load a project associated with an app currently in the Microsoft App Store
  2. From the Project menu, select Publish > Associate App with the Store...
  3. Click Next from the Associate Your App with the Microsoft Store wizard
  4. From the Select an app name page of the wizard, check Include app names that already have packages
  5. Select the name that matches the app project currently loaded into Visual Studio and click Next
  6. From the Associate Your App with the Microsoft Store page of the wizard, click Associate
Now when you check, the certificate you normally use should be available from the store.

Gary Lucero


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